Sustainability Statement

At DAY 6, we take our environmental and ethical responsibility seriously. We strive to extend the same care we have for our product, to the world around us, working to ensure we are both inclusive and transparent.

This is a live project, and we will continue to update our customers with our plans and progression. We know our industry is far from perfect, so it is important to us that we are committed to making the most ethically and customer aware choices we can and continue to work hard to ensure we are considering the best ethical practice and sustainability in all of our decisions.

We have short- and long-term plans and through our considered approach, we hope you join us on our mission towards a more sustainable future in fashion.

For our planet

All of our product is designed, printed and produced in the UK to significantly reduce our carbon footprint

We have made the conscious decision to avoid any unnecessary packaging on our products, so you won’t see swing tags or extra packaging (Just security tags that are a necessity to ensure your garments are kept in their original condition)

Our supply chain packaging is plastic free (a plastic clip can be found on security tags as we have not sourced an alternative option yet) The paper garment bags we use are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Our mailers are made from sustainably sourced kraft paper and are 100% recyclable and compostable

We have a strong emphasis on limited, minimum waste production runs in order to not over produce and avoid left over inventory.

Our no-waste print placement means production wastage is kept to a minimum and allows for individuality from style to style.

We are proud to be part of Ecologi, contributing a percentage of our annual profits to planet-saving projects, planting trees & offsetting carbon emissions. By re-distributing a percentage of our profits, we hope to offset some of the impact that comes with producing garments

For our people

We have carefully selected domestic suppliers and partners who share our values in responsibility and ethical standards. Building relationships with our factory and mill staff, we work together as a team to create our product and regularly visit them to not only build our relationships but to also have full transparency of the entire supply chain.

We have taken time to consider different body shapes and sizes in our product and offer clothing from UK size 6 – 22.

We work to cater to a diverse and inclusive audience and will continuously educate ourselves and develop the brand.

We will donate surplus fabrics to fashion students to encourage up-cycling and repurposing fabrics and materials.

We circulate our products by partnering with rental platforms; By Rotation & HURR to promote the re-use of fashion.

For our future

We have partnered with reGAIN to encourage the recycling of fashion and avoid landfill. See the reGAIN ap for 15% off DAY 6 orders.

We are making our systems more digitally focused with a 50% reduction in paper pattern development.

We will continue to source deadstock and surplus fabrics that would otherwise go to waste.

Our commitment as a brand is to have traceability throughout the entire supply chain. We will be continually working on this, educating ourselves and making improvements for you, our planet and our brand.