Code of Conduct

At DAY 6, we take our environmental and ethical responsibility seriously. We strive to extend the same care we have for our product, to the world around us, working to ensure we are both inclusive and transparent.

We have carefully selected domestic suppliers and partners who share our values in responsibility and ethical standards. We have a close and transparent relationship with our people including our pattern cutter, seamstress, mill staff, printers and manufacturer. We work together as a team to create our product and regularly visit them to not only build our relationships but to also have full visibility and transparency of our entire supply chain.

Our supply chain is a very important part of our brand ethos. It is our commitment that all our people within our supply chain are respected, protected and treated with equality. It is DAY 6’s responsibility to ensure that the human rights throughout our entire supply chain are respected and protected, and that we promote human rights whenever we can.

We commit to:

Being transparent with our customer, providing visibility of our supply chain and processes.

Share our ethical standards within our supply chain and regularly monitor our supply chain to ensure our partners meet correct standards.

Supply Chain Tier 1

Tier 1 facilities include our manufacturers and subcontractors. DAY 6 have direct contact with our manufacturer and seamstress in the UK. We visit all partners within tier 1 in person, regularly and deal with all communication directly. Our entire collection is made within the UK.

Supply Chain Tier 2

Tier 2 partners print our original prints onto our handpicked fabrics. DAY 6 have direct contact with our print house in the UK. We visit our partner in person, regularly and deal with most communication directly. Our Tier 2 supplier also liaises directly with our tier 1 manufacturing facility.

Supply Chain Tier 3

Tier 3 suppliers relate to our fabric mills. We work with domestic manufacturers of quality fabrics for our garments. We either buy our fabric from stock to reduce waste or we knit our own fabrics to order when buying on a larger scale. We visit our partner in person, regularly and deal with most communication directly. Our Tier 3 supplier also deal directly with out tier 1 & 2 partners. All of our fabrics are currently sourced and milled within the UK.

We work according to the ETI Base Code to ensure that all our people within the supply chain are agreeing and working towards the same principles, ethics and values when it comes to working conditions. We have circulated this code of conduct to all of our brand partners and ensured that they comply. Sub-contractors must meet all the requirements set out in our code of conduct.


DAY 6 condemns and prohibits all forms of modern slavery. There will be no forced, bonded or involuntary prison labour. Workers are not required to lodge their identity papers with their employer and are free to leave their employer after reasonable notice.


DAY 6 and our partners respects the right of workers to join or form unions or other kinds of workers’ associations and to engage in collective bargaining.


DAY 6 and our partners ensures a safe and hygienic working environment, assessing risk and taking all necessary measures to eliminate and reduce risk. All possible precautions must be taken to prevent accidents at the workplace.


There shall be no recruitment of child labour amongst any of our partners or sub-contractors. All participants must meet the legal minimum age and minimum wage requirements.


DAY 6 and our partners provide equal opportunities and does discriminate against workers. Wages and benefits paid for a standard working week meet, at a minimum, national legal standards or industry benchmark standards, whichever is higher.


Working hours must comply with national laws, collective agreements. Working hours, excluding overtime, shall be defined by contract, and shall not exceed 48 hours per week. All overtime shall be voluntary. The total hours worked in any seven day period shall not exceed 60 hours


DAY 6 and our partners provides equal opportunities and does not discriminate against workers. Employees must be treated with respect and equality regardless of gender, race, religion, caste, age, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status and nationality.


To every extent possible work performed must be on the basis of recognised employment relationship established through national law and practice.


DAY 6 does not tolerate physical abuse or discipline, , the threat of physical abuse, sexual or other harassment and verbal abuse or other forms of intimidation shall be prohibited.


Sub-contracting of any part of DAY 6 production of goods without the knowledge and approval of DAY 6 will not be tolerated we reserve the right to refuse all production. Sub-contractors must meet all requirements set out in this Code of Conduct.

The provisions of this code constitute minimum and not maximum standards, and this code should not be used to prevent companies from exceeding these standards


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